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Poker Bots – Are They Better Than Humans?

Poker is one of the few betting games that places the emphasis on skill rather than luck. Now with the introduction of poker bots and other advances, the question remains whether they can ever emulate human behavior perfectly.

While it does include the element of luck, poker will always be a game of skill. For most players, this means they will have days where they can’t lose and days where they blame luck for all of their wrong decisions. However, many players are using tracking software and even poker bots to give themselves an edge over the competition.

What Are Poker Bots?

Gaming software just keeps getting smarter and smarter. Especially with techs like poker bots and other predictive software that can be used for everything from playing online casino games to sports betting and more.

Poker bots are software that players use on w88 Taiwan poker sites where they struggle to win by themselves. The bots use stats and mathematics, as well as knowledge of the game to beat the other human players. Yes, it’s also likely that you will run into other players using the same type of software. In which case, it will be your bot against other bots.

Basically, these bots run as a background program, compatibly with the client you’re running to play poker. They keep track of all the hands and make note of things you are likely to miss as a human. And they play for you.

Surprisingly, as sophisticated it seems, bots are very easy to use and may even be permitted by some sites.

But Can Bots Really Outsmart Humans?

At first, bots were extremely simple and could only perform very basic functions. In most cases, even intermediate poker players were able to beat them. However, current advances are making things a lot trickier.

Nowadays, poker can perform complex calculations, remember countless actions and use statistics in ways a human being cannot. While you can certainly see where this can become unethical and even take away from the essence of the game. They can also be excellent learning tools for players.

Human Vs. AI

The classic game of poker proposes intriguing possibilities for the usage of artificial intelligence. For instance, it differs from many other games, due to the fact that there are so many elements impossible to calculate. Player behavior can vary from one moment to the next. This is where the true appeal of the game lies for many people.

For example, the choices each player has at any point in the game are numerous. Therefore, it will take extensive development before AI can perfectly replicate the experience.


With gaming online as a whole, it’s hard to deny the many advantages and learning possibilities things like poker bots provide. However, it’s much more likely that they will become too advanced to be of any good. Moreover, at this time, it’s safe to say that most legitimate poker sites have banned their use altogether.

If you are interested in playing legitimate games of poker at one of these sites where you can be sure it’s a human you’re up against. Take a look at some of our top choices for online casinos in Taiwan. These sites are making every effort to keep things as genuine and fair as possible. And will likely continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

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